For both men and women hair loss can be attributed to factors such as :
- Hormonal (eg: pregnancy, menopause)
- Chemical (eg: chemotherapy)
- Systemic (One small problem leads to another and another, etc like dominos)


As you may already know some hair loss is attributed to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. When the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is found in the scalp, comes in contact with the hormone testosterone, DHT is formed. DHT then disrupts the normal operation of the hair follicles thereby causing hair loss. Alopecia is known to affect around 20% of men in their 20’s and increases 10% every decade, the reason why there are more balding men over 50. 1000’s of years ago, Hippocrates noticed that eunuchs never became bald, evidence that baldness was dependant on a specific male factor.

Now we know that testosterone produces DHT that literally eats away at the strength of a follicle.

Because it’s androgen (male sex hormone) dependant, it is why women are generally spared from complete baldness. Thinning is more predominant though due to disease, Stress, Peri-menopausal which can cause oestrogen levels to drop suddenly, creating build up of DHT, in turn increasing hair loss.

I am bald and have been for years...Is there a cure?

No, you cannot cure baldness, but where Head of Hair can assist is to slow down the process while you are still thinning and promote healthier growth of what is still left.

Head of Hair helps lengthen the Anagen (growth) phase when the hair is growing and strengthen the bulb so it anchors more strongly. This in turn also lengthens the Telogen stage when the hair root begins to shrink ready to be expelled. A stronger bulb takes longer to shrink & be expelled thus hair stays in longer.


1st - Slow the production of DHT which decays the hair follicle which stops/slows the hair loss
2nd - Increase circulation to the scalp so the nutritive arterial blood gets nutrients direct to the follicle bed 3rd – Increase and multiply new growth with necessary nutrients it needs, like fertilizer for the follicle Head of Hair targets the known possible causes of hair loss - production of DHT and poor circulation of blood to the scalp leading to a slow progressive destruction of the follicle with :

Aloe (Certified Organic)-for effective cellular renewal used as far back as ancient times. Promotes healing, soothes & protects.
Apigenin-flavonoid extract from citrus. Vasodilates blood for better circulation
Biotinyl Tripeptide-1 – Peptide carrying Vitamin H to help anchor the hair.
Jojoba Oil-contains proteins & minerals and a natural source of Vitamin E
Methyl nicotinate-extract of the vitamin niacin to massively increase vasodilation of the blood producing a “flushed” appearance
Oleanolic acid-extract of Olive tree leaves, inhibits DHT production
Rosemary Leaf extract-known antioxidant, neutralises free radicals
Saw Palmetto-also known to neutralise DHT
Stinging Nettle, Horse chestnut & Chamomile-anti-inflammatory extracts
PLUS added:
Vitamins: A, B3, B5, C & E

No fancy trade names, just ingredients that work!

The result…
MORE value
for your buck with a stronger formula so you need to use LESS
We have even been able to keep it FREE of Sulphates and Parabens AND have used Certified Organic Aloe & Camomile Extracts